ROOM 218 – Bamburi Beach Hotel

March 29, 2023

If Goliath had chosen to vacation at Bamburi Beach Hotel, he would need two hundred and fifty mini soaps they offer to lather his right leg. He would need another 250 for his left one. But the mini soaps notwithstanding, Bamburi Beach Hotel is a beautiful place. It spreads its arms and embraces you when you visit, and you can feel the warmth of its soul from everything and everyone around.

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The reception’s roof is made of makuti and the whole area is littered with comfy couches and coffee tables so you can sit in luxury, sipping a glass of juice, as you wait for either your room to be ready or for your taxi to pick you up. The receptionists are all smiling, and eager to be helpful.

When my room is ready, a guy called Eric leads the way, carrying my bag.  Inside my room, Room 2018, he explains how things work. This here is a closet where you put your clothes and if you check closely you will notice we have a safe, available to you free of charge. To your left is the bathroom and, oh, make sure to insert your key here to get light. The room has two beds, one Queen-size bed, or what I imagine is a queen-size bed, and a smaller one. One side of the wall is all made up of glass with a sliding door leading to the balcony that’s overlooking both the swimming pool and the Indian Ocean.

When you stand on the balcony the breeze that whips your face is soothing. The many trees surrounding the yard sway this way and that way as if moving to the beats of the songs the DJ is playing downstairs. You can see a few people in the pool, splashing about, or playing volleyball, and serenity simply sets in.

After my shower, I went to the outside bar just next to the pool and chatted up James Mwanzia, the bartender, as I enjoyed my glass of Tusker. He tells me he has been a bartender for more than 19 years, and so he is a man that knows his drink. I later lie on the sunbed by the beach and watch the ocean waves crash over the feet of the many tourists and beach boys. The waves bring with them some objects to the shore, even if just for a moment before sweeping them back into the ocean.

Their menu is diverse and their food is great. If you are a tea person, like I am, you will enjoy the 4 O’clock tea by the pool.

When Sunday came it was time to leave and so I reluctantly packed and left. If you were to ask me whether I would go back? The answer would be yes, and this time stay until they tell me they can’t host me anymore and I need to make room for others. Haha.

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