How Will You Spend Your Christmas?

March 28, 2023
Tours & Travel

For a long time now Christmas has been flying under the radar. Little excitement, few lit Christmas trees, boring Christmas songs and, worse, chapati made with carrots. You know it’s an end of an era when chapati, the king and queen of the Christmas menu, is disrespected like that. But you know what? Other than COVID bringing the world to its knees, I have a feeling it has also awakened the Christmas spirit in us and this year’s Christmas is going to be celebrated the way Christmas is supposed to be celebrated. So, just in case you need ideas, here are some.

This Christmas we are going to travel, just like we used to in our compositions back in primary school when tasked to write how we spent our Christmas holidays. Only this time, we are going to travel for real and enjoy the beauty that our country has to offer. And we should travel. We have spent almost the whole year holed up in our houses, moving from our kitchens to our living rooms and then our bedrooms, so we owe it to ourselves to travel this holiday and let our hair down. Make sure you check out Densey IG for travel deals, especially in the coast.

Celebrate With family
When COVID happened, we were either forced to spend time with family or away from family due to travel restrictions. But the one thing that was constant is that we were all constantly worried about this pandemic it was hard to enjoy the little moments without thinking you need to sanitize and wash our hands. So this Christmas, have some quality time with family. Go to upcountry if you must.

Go To Kesha
Back in the days, it was not Christmas if you did not go for kesha. Keshas were the in thing and I think this year you should go to at least one kesha if not for anything, to thank God for the good health, yes? Night runners might be out in full swing because the night curfews have hindered their activities, but don’t let them stop you from going for a kesha.

Start A Christmas Tradition
Yes. Nowadays Christmas is what it is because we did away with old traditions and did not replace them with new ones. We rarely buy new clothes for Christmas. We rarely come together as a family to celebrate. And, once again, we are making things that do not look like Chapati and insist that they are chapos. Let’s just make chapos the way chapos are supposed to be made and we will all live a happy life and have a Merry Christmas.

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