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The Coughing Bus

I needed to pee. Sitting upright on the bed, I stretched my arm and tapped my brother on the shoulder because I could not venture outside on my own. I was only a kid, in class five, to be precise, and if you know anything about pit latrines in the village is that they are usually located on the other end of the fence, far away from the main house. And to make matters worse, they are built facing the hedge which would act as the door. This made visiting the toilet at night a very dangerous affair. But I needed to pee.

My brother did not stir. I tapped him again and again and again but he remained stiff because he was tired of me and my abnormal desire to pee after every two minutes. And also, he most likely knew that my waking up had nothing to do with pee but everything to do with my unreasonable fear that the bus to Webuye would leave without me if I so much as entertained sleep even for a minute.

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5 Reasons You Should Travel More in 2020

You know how you’ll always believe your mother is the best cook until you taste someone else’s cooking? It’s the same when you don’t travel. Until you jump on a bus, board a train or aeroplane to a new destination and experience new things, you’ll never see the world with a third eye. So, here are five reasons why you should travel more in 2020.

Appreciate Different Cultures

We are a product of our surroundings. We believe in things we believe in because of where we were born and brought up, and so it’s different to understand why others live their life differently or eat different food until we live a moment in their shoe. Perhaps a few days in China and you will no longer turn your nose up at the thought of having frogs for dinner.

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