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A Word For Travelers Over COVID-19

By now you already know the world is singing the same Anthem, and that is Corona Virus. Unfortunately, it’s not a beautiful anthem. It’s not an anthem you sing with a hand on your chest and tear of joy in your eyes. It’s not an anthem that fills you with positive energy or a sense of patriotism because Corona has not only turned our lives upside down, but it’s also taking lives. Lives have been affected and travel lovers all over the world can only dream about their dream destinations because we are all being encouraged to stay home and flatten the curve. What do you need to know or do as a travel lover?

Stay Home
This is not something you want to hear because your equilibrium is not balanced if the only trip you are taking is a trip to the kitchen to open the fridge, stick your head in it and come out with nothing. But right now staying home is our best bet of not only flattening the curve but living to travel another day.

Postpone, Don’t Cancel
Perhaps you had already booked your trip to an exotic destination and now you cannot travel. You might consider cancelling, but we encourage you to postpone instead. Not only will you able to travel and catch a breathe when all this is over, but you will also be helping travel agencies stay afloat. If you can, postpone your trip.

Revise Your Travel Bucket List
If there’s that destination you were saving for last, you might consider moving it to the top of the list because if this virus has taught us anything, it’s that life is short and unpredictable. Tour your favourite destinations as soon as you can. Enjoy life when you have a chance and lead a fulfilled life.

Create An Album Of Your Favourite Destinations
So you have travelled the world, taken photos and made memories, but do you have an album for those moments? I know, this is not 1902 anymore and all we need is our phone gallery, but by now you must have noticed just how boring it is to stay at home. Perhaps if you had an album to flip through things would be different, yes? Find creative ways to document your travels for your future generation to admire and be inspired by.

The world might be on its knee right now but we shall overcome. We shall rise again. Let’s sanitize and maintain social distance. Let’s have a word with all the items we always forget to pack during our travels and assure them that they are enough and that we love them. Let’s stay safe and hopefully we will hit the road again soon.

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